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Why Choose FixedIRAs.com?

With FixedIRAs.com, you have access to a national network of experienced annuity experts who work closely with America’s top insurers. As such, these licensed professionals work for you to easily compare a wide range of annuities in the pursuit of finding the best one for your situation.

Best Rates and Lowest Fees

With our large national network, FixedIRAs.com representatives can assist in obtaining the best rates and lowest fees for you.

We Work for You

FixedIRAs.com representatives work for you, the client, and not for the insurance companies. This allows us to get you the very best annuity rates and products in your state, since we are completely unbiased and not tied to any particular insurer. Your financial professional will review top-rated carriers and their products to point out features of each annuity.

Learn from Us

FixedIRAs.com takes pride in the amount of time our team spends educating clients. It’s important to know what you’re buying as your decision today will have a dramatic impact on your retirement in the future. Learn from our FixedIRAs.com representatives on the mistakes that many annuity buyers make before buying an annuity, so that you make an educated decision about your purchase.

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As a first-time annuity buyer, I expected the process of getting one to be complicated and time consuming, however I had a great experience working with Morgan from FixedIRAs.com. Morgan always responded promptly, answered all of my questions and was really helpful in walking me through the process. I would highly recommend FixedIRAs.com; you get great customer service and excellent rates. Thanks!

Megan S. / May 6, 2021

I was looking to transfer my 401K into an annuity and was checking rates with the different insurance companies on a regular basis. My advisor said he had found the best rate for me and when I checked around at the time, I wasn’t able to find anything higher than that. Then I heard about FixedIRAs.com from my friends and was really surprised that they were able to find me a better rate. I know that a number of my colleagues will be calling when it is time for them to buy an annuity.

Simon B. / March 18, 2021

I was impressed with the speed of service and the selection. With FixedIRAs.com I was able to choose from far more insurance companies than I expected. Thank you for your time and effort into helping me find the right annuity. Wayne who I worked with is definitely an asset to your firm. He handled my annuity needs with speed, knowledge and constant professionalism throughout the entire process.

Don G. / Jan 27, 2021